Moorish Transport Services proudly sponsors Dirt Kart racing.

My introduction to Dirt Kart racing began over a beer in my neighbour’s garage, in 2008. His son was racing in the Rookies at the time. One summers day I tagged along to experience a compelling and inspiring days viewing. I was instantly smitten with the fast pace of Dirt Kart Racing and the very entertaining social aspect of this "dare to be brave" sport.

A few weeks later I was privileged to be invited to a Social Education Day. Taking to the driver’s seat I put caution to the wind. It was on this day I was hooked! I immediately proceeded to go out and purchase my own Dirt Kart.

Motorplex Speedway in Kwinana was the venue to hold my very first race. With very little time in a Kart, I found myself lining up with some very experienced drivers. I knew this was no time for nerves or fear of failure, just pedal to the metal....and hold on. Once the dust had settled, celebrational beers were flowing and the night came to an end, I walked away unscathed, unharmed and holding second overall place for the night. My grin spread from ear to ear and the passion to drive sidewards at a ridiculously fast pace had begun.

Phil Maley

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